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Our Services

  1. Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form (SFHDF)
  2. Homebuyer & Selling (disclosure) 
  3. Flood Zone Report  
  4. Flood Zone Disputes
  5. Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
  6. Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA)


FEMA Flood Hazard Determination Form

Second Look Flood specializes in manually researched determination forms. A flood map specialist and/or a certified floodplain manager will review each individual property ensuring unmatched accuracy.

Flood Zone Report

Are you in a Flood Zone? See your home on the newest FEMA Flood Map. It’s quick and easy to order your own detailed Flood Zone Report.

Flood Insurance Rate Map

Flood Risk Mapping is an important part of the National Flood Insurance Program, as it is the basis of the NFIP regulations and flood insurance requirements. FEMA flood zones are flood risk areas identified on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).

Flood Zone Dispute

A Flood Zone Report & Standard Flood Hazard Determination is perfect for anyone who has been notified by a lender that mandatory flood insurance is required with no evidence. We know the playbook, and we work for you.. 

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

Our service works to correct FEMA flood mapping errors in order to remove mandatory flood insurance requirements for individual homeowners. Remove a house from a flood zone.

Homebuyer & Seller Help

If you’re like many homeowners, you got a letter from your lender forcing you to buy flood insurance. Many will be given NO proof that there house is in a high-risk flood zone. See your home on the Official FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map.