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What is a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)?

A property owner can request a LOMA from FEMA if they believe that their property is incorrectly designated as being in a high-risk flood zone. To obtain a LOMA, the property owner must provide documentation, such as an elevation certificate, to demonstrate that the property is at a higher elevation than the base flood elevation.

We can help you get a FEMA LOMA of Removal.

If FEMA grants the LOMA, the property owner will receive a letter stating that the property is no longer in a high-risk flood zone and flood insurance will no longer be required. This can result in significant cost savings for the property owner.


“Working with Second Look Flood was wonderful. The online video explained their service and the process succinctly. From the time I called to the time I had an eLOMA in my hand was about 4 hours. It was explained to me that this is not always possible but it did work out in my case. My flood insurance premiums will be much lower as a result. Also, flood insurance is no longer mandatory.

-Susanna in Naples

After attempting to do the paperwork myself to change my property’s flood zone classification, I contacted Second Look and they took care of everything. Having my home officially out of the flood zone will be a big plus for resale and the process was painless and worth every penny. Thanks guys!

-Joanne in Old Saybrook

Second Look Flood did an exceptional job in helping to establish the correct FEMA Amendment and ultimately reduce my Insurance by nearly 75%! They were fast, thorough, and accommodating. I would recommend their services to anyone facing a situation where an elevation certificate clearly demonstrates a need for such an Amendment.

-Jason in South Windsor

Do you have an Elevation Certificate?

Let’s get a FEMA LOMA of Removal.

A lender will apply this Letter of Map Amendment to their FEMA Flood Zone Determination, overturn the flood zone, and drop the flood insurance requirement. If you choose to have a policy, it will be available at a heavily discounted rate.

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Do you have an Elevation Certificate?